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  • Ann Gallagher

What does it mean to be Genuine?!

COVID has been the catalyst in our personal and professional lives to re-think one’s intentions,

footprint, and/or potentially shift priorities. Whether or not you’ve decided to make big changes or simply tweak a few thoughts; what I keep coming back to is how imperative, it is to be genuine.

In a recent Forbes publication, research shows that emotional intelligence (EQ) is critical to your

performance at work and there is a direct correlation to higher compensation when you have a high EQ. But there is a caveat – EQ won’t yield desired results if you are not genuine.

What do genuine traits or habits look like for you? For me, being genuine encompasses

treating everyone with respect, being trustworthy, being present (put down your phone), and don’t pass judgment.

As you think about genuine people and traits does networking pop into your head? Throughout my career I’ve experienced 3 very different types networking. I trust you have the same experiences.

1. People who ‘check the box’ by sending me a generic message through their social

media of choice (going through the motions) typically once a year

2. People who I haven’t heard from in years but find themselves in need of leveraging my


3. People who reach out from time to time and appear to be genuinely interested in

what’s going on in my life. No agenda. I find that I was recently thinking of this person

and I’m glad they reached out.

Final thought - - Author Janet Louise Stephenson states “Authenticity requires a certain

measure of vulnerability, transparency, and integrity”. How comfortable are you in being

transparent? Does it make you feel too vulnerable? I often find myself saying “In the spirit of

transparency.” This has never come back to bite me. It’s a great way to build and/or retain

trust and confidence with friends and colleagues. Be genuine to yourself and others – you can’t go wrong!



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