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  • Stephanie D. Loughner

Finding a Business Coach

by Stephanie D. Loughner [she/her/hers]

They say it takes a village to raise a family. That is true of a career as well. We all have managers, mentors, sponsors, frien-emys, teams, families, mentees and the list goes on. We all should add a “coach” in our career development. This is someone who is responsible to you and helping find a good fit for you. A business coach has the training and tools to keep your career moving alongside your goals and sights ahead.

I have been blessed with access to coaching for the past eight years. Coaches are available as a benefit with no cost to our firm employees. They have been profoundly helpful in helping with business development, networking and most of all productivity. Repeat – productivity.

As kids, coaches were a normal part of our lives to help us get better as an individual and a team. Business coaching is not a new concept but one that is not often provided as an employee benefit. This type of benefit will stand-out, show support of the individuals as a person, and better build the leadership pipeline necessary for sustainability. I urge anyone reading this to try and add coaching as an employee benefit and if your organization is not offering such a benefit, then find a business coach to benefit your career. The investment is worth it.

Women Inspiring Leaders understands the importance of coaching. WIL is sponsoring its next event to help cultivate business coaching as a necessary tool in career development. This event is designed to provide introductions to business coaches through a fun, invigorating workout up the Reuter Hess Incline. There is a metaphor there. Come with us and climb whether or not you need a business coach as a good walk and good conversation can go a long way for all of us.



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