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  • Clare Martin

Find Your "Why"

In the midst of the busy day-to-day, the countless emails, video calls, and conversations, it can be hard to remember the why behind your role or your career. The “why do I do this, again?” … At least for me!

During one of my lunches this past month, I silenced the e-mail and video calls and did a favor for a friend. I gave a short talk on the company I’m a part of, and what it is we do, to her Rotary club. It was another busy week, endless meetings, and this was just another one, right? Wrong!

Shortly into the talk and throughout all of the great questions, I saw the engagement and interest, and it was so powerful. By the end of that hour I was invigorated and without a doubt about why I do what I do!

Every now and then, take a step back and remember your “why”.



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