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  • Jennifer Gunias


“From the little spark may burst a mighty flame.” Dante

Inspiration... it’s what causes us to feel, to think, to act. Inspiration strikes when we watch our children win a soccer game, feel proud, and treat the team to ice cream. When we hear a story on the news about teen homelessness, think about those in need, and volunteer our time to help. When we feel inspired, we have the drive to make things better and create change. As leaders and leaders in training, we seek to be inspired, and so we need to be deliberate about the change we initiate from our inspiration. When we are inspired, we can move mountains. And as leaders, we need to move the right mountains, to garner the support for change, and create positive and thoughtful outcomes, it is important for us to be educated, to ask questions, and to be positive role models.

Luckily for us, one of the easiest available means of being educated at those things that inspire us may be the simple act of reading to learn. We can read not only about inspiration and how to inspire others, but also to be inspired. The stories of hardship, of overcoming obstacles, of improving teams, and climbing the corporate ladder can all spur innovation. Let us use these written experiences, apply our daily inspiration, our lifetime of overcoming obstacles, to mature our learnings, fine-tune our inspiration, and create the action that will leave legacies.

Go forth and be inspired!

Members of Women Inspiring Leaders Call to Action: Respond and let us know what is your most inspiring book and why?

Additional books for inspiration:

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