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  • Amy Fowler Stadler

Happy Mother’s Day 2020

It feels appropriate to acknowledge the leaders we have been supported, mentored, coached and led by and to align those with key women in our lives. For many of us this includes our mothers. Mom was likely an influential leader. The relationship of a mother and child is unique with devotion, support and dedication. A mom teaches survival skills and how to navigate the challenges in life and these skills transpire throughout our lifetimes. These skills include teaching hard work, perseverance, independence, manners and respect. A mom is inspirational and vulnerable. A mom plays an integral role in boosting the confidence of her child through words of encouragement and guidance and through emotional support at just the right moments. There are lessons we can take as leaders to teach those around us. We can model persistence, resiliency, providing grace, and showing respect. We can support and inspire each other, show humility, be passionate and acknowledge we are not perfect and don’t need to be. Being a leader is incredibly impactful and is a special role so take advantage of the opportunity and accept being led by other talented and empowered leaders.

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