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  • Amy Fowler Stadler

Happy New Year (2020)

New year, new vision, new goals! Hi everyone, happy new year! Here we are with a new year, a new decade. As I look back at the last ten years, we have made 3 steps forward and in some cases maybe a step back. I personally am focused on supporting and advancing women and meeting them wherever they are in their journey. In 2019, we officially received our non profit 501c3 status for WIL which was a HUGE step for us. We believe that will pave the wave for exciting new support and drive in 2020 and beyond. My personal goal is to get WIL in a position to live on long past me. We have our annual planning meeting this month, evaluating our board needs, volunteer needs, funding needs, etc to sustain this organization and make real change happen. Please share the top three ways we can be helpful to this group in 2020 and beyond in terms of content, programs, networking, events, etc. I look forward to hearing from all of you in 2020! hashtag#journey hashtag#drive hashtag#leadership hashtag#network hashtag#wil hashtag#women

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