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The 2022 Incline Coaches

Who We Are

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Laura Campell


  • What do you love about supporting women in our community? I have devoted the past two decades to supporting women, personally and professionally. I believe in the unlimited potential of women when they are able to intentionally curate and shape their lives to align with what matters most. My passion and purpose is to be a catalyst and guide for women to speak the truth of what they really want and gain clarity on what it will take to move towards it.

  • Why do you think coaching is so important for women in business? My business, Unfolding, invites and supports women to consciously curate their lives through the balance of striving and spirituality (ending the struggle between push and pause); and making courageous, empowered choices (large and small) even when they are scared and overwhelmed. It invites them to embrace the magical journey of becoming who they really are. Women today often find themselves pushing and striving to the point of exhaustion and burnout, while underestimating the power of stillness, quiet and the sacred unknown. Coaching is a way for women to ignite their own inspiration and gain the tools and guidance they need, and deserve, to regain balance and design lives they love, personally and professionally; lives filled with freedom, peace and ease.

Kami Guilder

Business Coach Helping Women Entrepreneurs #RaiseUP their Voice,Visibility and Business


Kami Guildner believes women’s voices matter. She is a connector. A storyteller. A businesscoach for changemaker women of influence. She leads high vibe entrepreneurs to give voiceto their most important messages and create a ripple effect of worldly impact.Kami weaves soulful-inspiration into mindful business strategies, helping her clients up-leveltheir business. With decades of leadership, marketing, strategic planning and businessgrowth expertise, Kami guides her clients to master their marketing, money and mindset.Kami’s soulful spirit leads her clients to unleash their magical manifestation powers and liveout loud fueled with vitality and courage.


Kami is the founder of the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference, Extraordinary WomenConnect events, and host of the award-winning Extraordinary Women Radio™ – a podcastfeaturing wildly successful women living out loud in voice, vitality and vigor, named the BestBusiness Podcast in the 2018 People’s Choice Awards, featuring guests such as Tosha Silver,SARK, Ali Brown and Lissa Rankin.Kami is the author of  Firedancer: Your Spiral Journey to a Life of Passion and Purpose , andwas named to the 25 Most Powerful Women in Business list in 2020 by the Colorado Women’sChamber of Commerce.

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Kelly Goering


  • What do you love about supporting women in our community? Strength in our community builds strength in our world. We need to make sure we are evolving into a well-connected and supportive group of women that make things happen.

  • Why do you think coaching is so important for women in business? Women tend to think we have to do it all, and instead we need to continue to look towards our groups for help and support. We need to build on our own strengths and ask for help when one of our weaknesses is holding us back.

  • Why do you think networking at an event such as the Incline event is important for women to take time for? Small incremental steps (pun intended!) provide value in making great connections and steps toward more progress for yourself and those around you.

  • Anything else you'd like to add? Business, and social etiquette and protocol builds an innate strength and gives you one extra tool in your tool box. Don’t overestimate the value in social norms and how to improve those.

Aree Bly


Aree came to coaching and speaking after 25 years in an actuarial career where, in addition to managing teams and doing the technical work, she developed mentoring and coaching programs to support cross-functional teams.


Now, through her experience and training, she enables clients to identify and navigate their unique values, strengths, and skills, in order to enjoy the freedom of sustainable success.


Her speaking career has taken her to the TEDx stage. She also facilitates workshops and delivers talks on using your unique alignment to create sustainable success.

TEDx talk - Where the F is the Reset Button? 


She is a Rocky Mountain girl at heart and spends as much time as possible with her family outdoors!

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