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  • Jennifer Gunias


Our Colorado not for profit, Women Inspiring Leaders, aspires each year to provide events to our community in our five value categories:

to Inspire ~ to Lead ~ to Share ~ to Motivate ~ to Connect

In the last twelve months, our events have included the following values:


Our April 2022 event featured Dean Michelle Subick from University of Denver who spoke on her inspirational path in becoming a leader in Engineering. Dean Subick also brought female students from DU who shared their challenges, passions and aspirations.


Our September 2021 event had seven coaches that led small groups of women on a small hike and discussed business challenges.


In spring of 2022, we invited five new board members to bring new ideas and leadership into our Board of Directors. We are sharing opportunities with our community for leadership, and in turn our new members are sharing their education and experience back into our upcoming events.


Our February 2022 event featured Life Coach Aly Bly who spoke about living our best lives and motivated us to find our purpose.


Our June 2021 event shared how to write an Elevator Speech and created a speed networking session to practice in small virtual group.

Join us for upcoming events including our July, 2022 event at the Parker Incline as we will have Coaches lead, share and motivate us to be our best while connecting with Colorado women in the great outdoors!



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