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  • Natalie Russo CIA, CRMA

“Spring” Into Being a Leader

With the spring season upon us, it seems appropriate to reflect on this past year and all of its challenges and ready ourselves for what we want to focus on and achieve this spring.

Certainly, over the last year, women have been placed in positions that have stretched our abilities and probably our patience, yet we have stepped up to show we are capable of success in the face of adversity. Likely we are tired and may feel unfocused but now is the time to take a deep breath and adjust.

As we refocus our energy, some areas that we can influence include equal treatment (being in pay, being held to the same standards and playing on an even playing field), advocating for ourselves and each other, trusting in ourselves and our voices, building alliances and support systems, and empowering ourselves and each other. It is also important that we give ourselves and others grace and tolerance and importantly allow for renewal of our energy and health. As you jump into the spring season, stop and smell the roses, look at the scenery, appreciate the small things and big things and know you are inspiring to others.



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