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  • Terri Whitehair

Silver Lining

Someone once said to me, "Never Waste a Crisis"; and that moment was so profound, this was such a new way of looking at the world that I wanted to pause and reflect even further. We want everything to be good and happy all the time. We want to smooth things over and move through our feelings. However, we are wasting an opportunity. An opportunity to lay things out, to look at them as they truly are, to suspend judgement and just say wow. A crisis brings you back to reality, it is almost alchemical how it removes all the gunk and buildup of emotion and projection we put on situations and bring with us everywhere. This year has been a crisis. This next year looks like it may be a crisis.

“Life is uncertain, surprises are likely.

If you are alive, that’s good; lower the bar.

In a dark place, you still have what really counts.

If you are in a predicament, there will be a gate.

What you need might be given to you.

The true life is in between winning and losing.

If you have nothing – give it away.

The beginning of being fine is noticing how things really are” - John Tarrant



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