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  • Amy Fowler Stadler

Mid-Year Goal Setting – What?

July – such a great month, right in the middle of summer, just finished having a long holiday weekend and our happy thoughts go back to working, career thinking and more. For me July is a special long-term planning month because it also happens to be my birthday month. Not sure if you are like this but there are two times a year I really pause to think about where I am at in all aspects of my life – once at the beginning of the new year, and again during my birthday month. I look at seven areas each time to assess if I need to change my goals, how I am doing on my New Years goals that I set at the start of the year, and what if anything I want to directionally change. The seven areas I look at include career, financials, relationships, health, fitness, personal growth, and spiritual growth.

Everyone has career or business goals and I have accomplished many I set out for and missed some as well. As I look back now twenty-five plus years into my career, I am truly lucky that back when I was seventeen I decided to go into technology – who knew – not me for sure. I can tell you that I also had no idea I would end up as an entrepreneur as well. If you had asked me back in my 20’s what I thought I wanted to do/be it was not to own a business. I thought I was going to be a CIO – mostly because people I worked with back then kept saying "hey, you are the next CIO".

As I moved to other companies and matured my thinking, people then started asking me when are you going to start your own consulting business? Crazy how other people put these ideas in my head, and it enabled something in me to actually take that idea and go with it. I tell you all this because I am a believer of listening to people when they are telling you how great you are a something or have ideas on what you can be. I listen to the universe and my inner gut – it is almost always on point.

Change can be hard, but sometimes that is exactly what you need. Four years ago, I sold my business, it was a huge decision and change and I will tell you now one of the best things I have done for myself. We recently sold our home and built a new one…more change, and I am absolutely happy (well almost – still have those darn boxes to unpack but getting there). As they say one thing, we can all count on is change…so let us all embrace it and try to maybe influence some of that change through long term

planning! Pick your birthday month or another mid-year month that has meaning to you to ponder where you are headed – I do not believe this stuff happens by accident.

Let us cover one more of my goal areas – relationships. I also take my family, friendships, business relationships very seriously and try to add value to every one of them. One of my mentors once told me I was a connectors connector and that I was great at it. I took that to heart and have tried to genuinely connect people to each other for the greater good. Women Inspiring Leaders is just one vehicle in which I have done that for the past twenty years! I have tried to meet women and men wherever they are to enable a connection, an introduction, a job, a business opportunity, a friendship and more.

As my birthday approaches and I ponder the rest of my goal areas I hope you too pause to think about how things are going mid-year, listen to the universe, your inner instincts – take risks!

Glad to chat about my other five areas with you and hear what yours are too! Here is to a great July!



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