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  • Rohini Ananthakrishnan

“Just Do It”: Finding Meaning and Purpose

On a bright and sunny day, June 8th, 2024, I had the privilege of attending an event organized by Women Inspiring Leaders. Surrounded by close to 40 remarkable women and one supportive male ally, we embarked on a journey that would not only challenge our physical endurance but also ignite our spirits.

We were divided into six groups, each led by a coach. I found myself in a group of five women, guided by our coach, Bonnie Davis. As we embarked on our journey, hiking and climbing the picturesque Reuter-Hess incline, Bonnie posed a thought-provoking question to us: “What is one thing you would want to do that would add meaning to your life, professionally or personally?”

As women at similar stages in life, with children on the brink of college life or already there, our minds meandered through a myriad of challenges. From motherhood to career transitions, climbing the career ladder, and the quest for a more purposeful life, we shared our thoughts and experiences.

Women, regardless of their life stage or career, often strive to prove themselves. The fear of not being “good enough” can hold us back, like an invisible glass ceiling. But how do we transcend these barriers? How do we find purpose amid the chaos? These questions echoed through our group discussions.

We yearned for deeper connections—both within ourselves and with others. We encouraged each other to seek joy, whether through volunteering, networking, or even dancing. Each woman contemplated her unique path to meaning, but one common thread emerged: setting intentional goals. We pledged to push beyond our comfort zones, just as we inspire our children to do, while extending to ourselves the kindness and empathy we offer to others.

Adhering to our goals and ensuring they genuinely infuse meaning and purpose into our lives is crucial. Equally significant is holding ourselves accountable and monitoring our progress. Two strategies to achieve this are routine self-evaluations and finding an accountability partner. Additionally, establishing a regular routine can propel us towards our goals.

As we completed the third and final loop, Bonnie asked us to share one feeling or takeaway from the day. Words like ‘peaceful’, ‘motivated’, and ‘validated’ were shared, the latter being a significant step towards overcoming imposter syndrome. But what struck me most was our collective courage. Despite initial reluctance, we showed up, climbed, and connected. In those two hours, we forged friendships that may last a lifetime.

This event was a testament to the power of women uplifting women, the strength in vulnerability, and the magic that happens when we step out of our comfort zones. It was a day of empowerment, connection, and personal growth that I will cherish forever.

So, when faced with uncertainty, remember: Just take the leap. The path to meaning lies in action, in stepping beyond fear, and in embracing the unknown. And sometimes, the most profound moments occur when we least expect them.

Let’s climb together. 🌟

A heartfelt thank you to the coaches (listed below) who contributed significantly to the success of this event!

Bonnie (Handis) Davis, Founder Partner & Executive Coach, HuWork (LinkedIn)

Renelle Everett Darr, Founder and CEO, InSight Coaching & Consulting LLC (LinkedIn)

Kelly Goering, Founder, Evolving Smart (LinkedIn)

Dr. Carrie Johansson, Author, Self Help on the Go & Owner, Colorado Therapy Care, PC (LinkedIn)

Paru Nackeeran, Founder, Rise with I.C.E (LinkedIn)

Ruth Whalen, Head of Solutions Development, Sinch (LinkedIn)



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