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  • Nicole Woodard

Intentional Goal Setting in 2021

We are all too familiar with the saying “New Year, New Me”. This is the time of year where individuals set resolutions that they would like to achieve. However, in most cases, a few months will pass by and those wonderful resolutions we tried to commit to are often forgotten. A great concept that I came across while studying for my MBA was intentional goal setting. This is a concept that can be utilized in place of traditional New Year’s resolutions. It entails setting goals that are measurable and attainable. These types of goals generally have higher success rates compared to a typical resolution. Additionally, setting intentional goals can be useful both professionally and personally. For example, maybe your team is getting ready to start working on a new project.

Here are 3 simple steps you can follow to set intentional goals for said project:

1. Discuss the end goal first. This allows for your team to get on the same page about where the finish line is, as well as what the work ahead will be.

2. Create small, measurable, goals. Not only does this give the team some direction, but it grants individuals a sense of achievement as they work towards the end goal.

3. Have frequent check ins with your team. This gives everyone the opportunity to discuss where they are at or where they need help.

Overall, the purpose of intentional goal setting is to ensure that they are completed rather than forgotten about. Now is the time to turn the phrase “New Year, New Me’ into a true statement.



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