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  • Natalie Russo

Inspiration through Coaching

I have been participating in an executive coaching program for the last eight months and it has been transformational for me and for those around me. I have always been disciplined enough to pause and reflect on experiences so that I could use that information to inform my future actions and decisions; however I wasn’t adept in pausing to consider how my personality and leadership style may impact others. As I reflect upon this coaching experience there are three key highlights:

  1. Growth is constant - Whether you are early in your leadership journey or decades in, there is always room to grow as a leader and as a person. Being open to feedback, and being proactive in asking for feedback from others, can guide this growth. Avoid complacency and thinking what worked a prior time will work again the next time. Challenge yourself to have a growth mindset.

  2. Change is amazing - I’m generally an advocate for regular change; however many others can experience anxiousness or stress during change. What I learned is that sometimes how you approach the change can positively or negatively impact the outcome of the experience with the change. Being open minded to other’s opinions and suggestions, avoiding coming into change with a predetermined decision in place, asking for help and approaching situation in a different way are all methods where change can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

  3. Invest in yourself - Take the time for activities that focus on you. This could be related to professional development such as reading a leadership book, related to personal development such as taking up an activity you have been wanting to learn (golf, knitting, yoga, weld working - you get the idea anything and everything fits here) or related to your health, both physical and mental such as practicing gratitude or mediation, scheduling annual check ups or talking with a therapist.

Grow, change, invest and reap the benefits.



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