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  • Stephanie D. Loughner

Finding A Happy Place On LinkedIn

I have purposefully kept myself off of Facebook and other social media knowing it is a rabbit hole of time I think I don’t have. However, I am active on LinkedIn and often wonder if I should be doing more to promote myself. Trying to shift my thinking from self-doubt, I now look forward to posts by a fellow Women Inspiring Leader LinkedIn Member - Dheeshana Ameresekere- who happily invited me to join her followers last year. Dheeshana is a Managing Director, The Theva Residency Boutique Hotel Managing and her posts from Sri Lanka will give you a 5 second retreat to paradise to help you refresh and reset during your work day. A happy place of sorts for the work day. Let’s get rid of the self-doubt and instead urge us all to find each other on LinkedIn follow and support each other in this incredible network. Let’s create more happy places. Start here….



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