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Equal Pay for Equal Work

Want Equal Pay for Equal Work in Colorado? It is coming on January 1, 2021. Here are five things to do now if you are a manager or business owner and five things to know if you are an employee to make it happen


Equal Pay is not a new concept, and a right that has been forged by many under the federal Equal Pay Act signed into law by President John F. Kennedy on June 10, 1963, to address the wage disparities based on gender. As we are knocking on the door to 2021, there are still wage disparities that Colorado is addressing on its own terms with new requirements for all employers in Colorado. These include a ban on requesting salary history from applicants, posting opportunities for jobs and promotions to all employees, and including wage and salary scales on job postings.

5 Things to Do Now for Managers and Business Owners:

  1. Read Colorado's Equal Pay for Equal Work Act and Equal Pay Transparency Rules;

  2. Review pay ranges, job descriptions and use the end of the year budget season to audit compliance;

  3. Train hiring personnel and managers on the do's and don'ts of the application and hiring Process under the Act;

  4. Update job descriptions to include wage and salary scales, which includes a description of all benefits and bonuses; and

  5. Create a written policy for employees to educate your workforce.

5 Things to Know for Employees:

  1. Request from your manager what steps your Company is taking to comply with Colorado's Equal Pay for Equal Work Act - Your employer cannot retaliate against you for doing so;

  2. Review and look at job postings and do not let impostor syndrome stop you from applying;

  3. If you are asked about your past salary history in an interview, you can respond, "I look forward to speaking about what this position pays rather than my past salary history."

  4. You can talk to your peers about they are making and advocate for yourself if you are not receiving an equal wage; and

  5. Review other employers' job postings for similar positions to understand your employment market.

Advocates have been pushing for equal pay for equal work for decades, and Colorado is now one of many states working to take independent and actionable items to bridge the gap. Questions? WIL Board Member Stephanie Loughner, Esq., Moye White LLP can be reached at or by phone (303)292-7934.



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