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  • Kate Palmer


It is that time of year where the seasons are changing, we are transitioning into the holidays, and a new year is almost upon us. Whenever fall comes around, I think about change and I cannot help but reflect on times where I experience drastic change — whether by choice or circumstance. But when change is a choice, how do you know when it is time to move on? Whether referring to a relationship, a friendship, a location, or a job; when does it make sense to make a change?

I personally have moved on from jobs, locations, (and more) because of the gut feeling that it just was not right for me. I was trying to change the situation to fit my expectations or needs, rather than accept the situation for what it was, — and I knew that wasn't right. There are more ways to consider if change is the right choice than just a gut feeling. For those that are considering a life change, here are a few ways to examine if a change is the right choice:

  1. Justification - if you feel the need to justify an action(s), it may mean you are uncomfortable with the action(s) itself and want to explain away the discomfort.

  2. Repetition - when you address a situation that you are not happy with and it keeps on occurring.

  3. Stagnation - when you are prevented from growth and becoming the best you.

  4. Recognition - a compliment goes a long way. If you are not receiving the form of appreciation you need, it may be time to re-evaluate your current situation.

To summarize, be aware of your reasoning for staying and if they exceed reasons for leaving. Change is never easy, but it may lead to a better situation than you can even imagine.



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