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  • Paula Rosson

Career Advice to my Younger Me

By Paula Rosson

This month, I will be talking to some accounting students at my alma mater, USU, about my career. And one of the questions they asked me to answer was “what you wish you would have known about your career when you were still a student?”. Makes me think of the Brad Paisley’s song “If I could write a letter to me”. In preparation for that talk, I’ve given this a little thought and here here is my letter to me.

  • Put your career before your job! In the future, you will get so bogged down in the day-to-day that you will forget to step back and make sure you’re heading in the right direction. And you didn’t always do the things you need to do to move up. Be loyal but don’t let that loyalty lead you to neglect your future. You are the priority, NOT work.

  • Practice self care! Later in life you will discover the tremendous benefits of talking to a professional regularly, journaling and meditation, just to mention a few. Don’t wait another day to start developing these good habits. I am sure you will have even more successful relationships as a result, especially with yourself.

  • Have an elevator speech at the ready! It will set you apart from the pack and enable you to make the case for yourself at the highest level when it presents itself. There were some opportunities you missed. Not to mention it will ensure clarity of purpose.

I challenge each of you to ask the same question because there is still time to make adjustments if needed!



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