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  • Amy Fowler Stadler

Women Inspiring Leaders, why now?

When I started a company fifteen years ago, I realized that I wanted to return to the communities where our team worked. I felt the work would be more rewarding if we were also giving back.

Believe it or not, the work climate was much different fifteen years ago, there were very few women’s focused events or groups focused on women’s initiatives. As a graduate with a STEM degree, as a corporate employee and as a business owner, I also discovered there were very few women to gain inspiration from. As a result, we decided focusing on a community return for women was the right target. Early on, we started with a few great partners such as Microsoft and added additional partners as we matured.

Our goal at these women’s events:

  • Accelerate the path to success

  • Create a better future and vision for tomorrow

  • Promote diversity and inclusion

  • Unlock the “how” for those seeking to advance

  • Help build a fantastic network

Along the way we expanded to Phoenix and dabbled in Dallas. We leveraged our existing network and only promoted the events via word of mouth before viral social events were a fad. We focused on one great annual event and typically “sold” out within days.

Today, as we move to expand the reach and capabilities of WIL and move to an official 501c3 non-profit organization we have our sights set on affecting more women and also making sure we work with our male advocates to further these causes. I look forward to creating an organization that can stand the test of time, advocate for women, and help create a world where these type of organizations are no longer necessary, because the new normal has this balance and inclusion naturally. Until then, I invite you to get moving, support the cause and help your fellow women.

Amy Fowler Stadler

Founding Board Chair

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